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Desperate Measures – A Book Review

I actually finished this book about a week ago, but I had to wait a few days to calm down before I could write up a review. Because holy lord, did this book ever get me revved up! It’s one thing to know that Katee Robert is excellent with writing steamy, hot, panty-dripping BDSM romance. It’s another thing to be hit over the head with it again and again in each chapter. Seriously, I’m getting uncomfortable sitting at my desk writing this.

Want to know more about what I think of Desperate Measures? Read on below! Before you go any further, though, please note that this book comes with some content warnings. There’s some emotional abuse by a parent, death of a parent, consensual non-consent, and general BDSM themes.

Desperate Measures – Katee Robert – Wicked Villains Book 1

Goodreads rating: 3.61 stars / 7,235 ratings / 1,300 reviews | Kobo | Barnes & Noble

My overall rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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