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New Book Releases for August 23-29, 2021

Update your TBR shelf, fellow readers! Here’s some of the new books being released this week that I’m going to be adding to my shopping cart.

Is there a book by a favourite author that you’re tracking for this week? If so, drop a note in the comments and let everyone know what they’re missing!

Alaska Reunion
by Jennifer Snow

by Sarah MacLean

Foolish Hearts
by Synithia Williams

The Spectacular
by Zoe Whittall

All In With Him
by Lauren Blakely

Lost Angels
by Stacy Green

Beachfront Embrace
by Michele Gilcrest

Written For You
by Robin Bielman

Becoming Herself Again
by Renatt Lavoie

Beauty and the Brit
by Poppy St. James

The Wedding Bet
by Susan Hatler

A Kiss for Carter
by Davina Stone

by Jenika Snow

by Renee Kiser

Three’s a Crowd
by Simon Booker

The Paris Connection
by Lorraine Brown

All the Best Nights
by Hanna Earnest

Sweet as Pie
by Alicia Hunter Pace

The Nice Guy Next Door
by Haley Zaragoza

The Highland Fling
by Meghan Quinn

Not Awkward
by Matthew Hanover

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